Pressures on the healthcare workforce require Global Solutions. 

How does one gain access to the global talent pool? ​

  • Do you contract with a BPO?​
  • How about establishing a GIC?​
  • Maybe an EOR company?


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About Us 

For over 20 years Genfinity’s leadership has been focused on enabling excellence in the Philippines unparalleled Allied Health educated workforce. Pioneering the way with Utilization Management and Utilization Review accreditations, transforming the Peer review process, providing Live nurse chat years ahead of the current telemedicine models. In fact, there are very few aspects of HIM industry support that we haven’t experienced. This combined with our years of leadership and or consultancy roles in local industry associations (HIMAPIBPAP) and close working relationship with government offices (DTICHEDBOI) best enable Genfinity to be your partner to work with you in not only identifying the correct offshoring model, best location, and excellence enabled talent, we go the extra mile and ensure your success by developing industry proven, standard operating procedures, management and quality oversight protocols and the required skills enhancement training required of your workforce. Every area is designed in conjunction with your operational team and customized specifically to your company’s operational framework.​


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